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Criminal Justice Act (CJA)

Plan & Order - Criminal Justice Act

Application - Per the Criminal Jutsice Act (CJA) Plan, appications are reviewed yearly, typically in September.  The application period for 2018 has closed.  In 2019, the application, as well as the application deadline notice, will be posted on the Court's website and published to all attorneys.

Renewal Application - As set forth in the Court's Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Plan, terms of CJA Panel Members will be staggered over three years for renewal.   The renewal application deadline for the first renewal group (2018) has closed.  For those selected, new terms will begin in October 2018 and last through September 2021.  Attorneys in the second round (2019) and third round (2020) of renewals will be notified at the appropriate times. 

Instructions - CJA Handbook / Instructions for completing CJA vouchers

Rates - Attorney hourly rates and mileage rates

Case Maximums and Expert Approval Levels

Benchmarks - Travel Time and Mileage

National CJA Voucher Reference Tool - The purpose of the on-line Reference Tool is to provide quick access to the policies and procedures related to Criminal Justice Act (CJA) cases, beginning with the appointment of panel attorneys and continuing through the processing of vouchers to the approval of payment for services rendered.

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