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Jury Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Juror Attendance Fees Reportable Income?

    Juror attendance fees are considered to be income and should be reported to the IRS on your tax form. The Court issues a 1099 MISC form to all jurors who have earned $600.00 or more in jury service fees. However, even if you have earned less than $600.00 in jury service fees, this income should be reported on your tax form. Payments for mileage/parking expenses are not considered income, but expense reimbursements.

  • Are there refreshments? Where Should I Go For Lunch?

    St. Louis

    In the Jury Assembly room, coffee, tea and a flltered water dispenser are available, along with light snacks. There is a full-service cafeteria located inside the courthouse on the first floor, and you will be given a list of restaurants located within walking distance when you first report. The Jury Assembly room has a refrigerator and microwave available for your use, so you are welcome to bring lunch.

    Cape Girardeau

    In the Jury Assembly Room, coffee and soda are available along with other light refreshments. There are a number of restaurants located on Broadway to go for lunch .


    In the Jury Room, coffee is available along with light snacks. There are places for lunch located a short drive from the Courthouse.

  • Can the needs of disabled persons serving as jurors be accommodated?

    Any juror who requires accommodations for a disability, including special arrangements for parking, should contact the jury administrator so that appropriate arrangements can be made in advance.

  • Does The Court Provide Proof Of Attendance?

    If an employer requires written verification of your attendance for jury service, you may obtain a certificate of attendance for each day you are required to report.

  • How Long Will I Be Serving?

    Petit Jurors

    St. Louis The term of jury service in St. Louis is for a two week period. You are instructed to call the automated juror information phone or check online through the E-Juror program on the date and time indicated on your summons. You will continue checking for instructions as directed for the duration of your jury term. Usually jurors only report on time for jury selection during the term. If you are selected to serve for a trial which exceeds the service period, you will be required to serve until the completion of the trial. Many of the trials in this Court average three days long

    Cape Girardeau Petit Jurors are on call for three month term.

    Hannibal Petit Jurors are on call for three month term.

    On Call means you may be called to serve during that time period. You are not expected to be available every day during the term, as the court can schedule your appearances around vacation dates and other conflicts. Please notify the jury clerks of the dates so that they can be noted and you will not be sent a notice to report during these times. You do not need to report until you are notified by mail of a specific reporting date. The court sends out notices to report approximately ten days to two weeks in advance to notify you of a specific reporting date. The written notice will contain instructions for reporting and calling the automated jury phone or checking online through E-juror to confirm whether or not you need to appear on the scheduled reporting date.

    Grand Jurors - Grand Jurors serve for one year and may be extended if necessary.

    St. Louis Grand Jurors normally meet 1-2 days every other week

    Cape Girardeau Grand Jurors usually convene once a month

    Jurors' scheduled vacations can be accommodated.

  • Must I fully complete the juror qualification questionnaire even if I feel I have a reason to be excused?

    Federal law requires that you fully complete the Juror Qualification Questionnaire even if you may be exempted or are seeking to be excused. The court may determine that you should be excused from service if you have moved out of the district, you are enrolled as a full time student or you are not a citizen of the United States. Regardless of your circumstances, however, the Juror Qualification Questionnaire must be completed and returned as directed in the instructions.

  • My Spouse (Child, Brother, Etc.) Is A Police Officer (Lawyer, Legal Secretary) - Am I Excused?

    The Federal Court has a wide range of civil and criminal cases, so your relationship to someone in the legal or law enforcement field may or may not have any bearing on the trial you are sent to for jury selection. Those relationships are not grounds for being excused.

  • What if I have a medical issue and want to be excused?

    If you have a physical or mental impairment which you believe prevents you from serving as a juror, the court requires a recent statement from you doctor stating your inability to serve as a juror, signed by an M.D., D.O. or a Nurse Practitioner. Whether you are requesting to be excused due to a medical condition or not you must complete and submit the Juror Qualification Questionnaire, or if summoned, the Juror Information Form. These can be faxed to 314-244-7859.

  • What If I Have A Serious Hardship?

    During your term of service, if you have a scheduled vacation or other specific dates that you will be unable to serve, please notify:

    For St. Louis or Hannibal- the jury clerks at (314)244-7850 or toll free (866)510-1925
    For Cape Girardeau - the jury clerks at (573)331-8800


    you may write these dates on the information forms which you return to the court.

    If you have a compelling reason to be excused from jury service or deferred to a later term, you must submit your request in writing along with your completed Juror Information form. The request to be excused must detail the hardship. If you are seeking to be excused or postponed due to medical reasons, you must submit a statement from your physician(M.D.) stating your inability to serve. Please do NOT wait until you are to appear to submit a request to be excused from your term of service.

  • What if I want to stay in town for the night while serving?

    Jurors who live a distance of at least 100 miles one way from Court have the option of spending the night at a local hotel while serving on a jury, and coming in the night before jury service. The subsistence allowance for lodging and meals for jurors in St. Louis is currently $201.00 per night, and the subsistence allowance for jurors in Cape Girardeau and Hannibal is currently $151.00 per night. Jurors must provide a copy of the hotel receipt in order to be reimbursed. The subsistence fee is a set allowance regardless of the actual cost of the hotel. Try to negotiate the best rate to ensure that you will not pay more than the amount that can be reimbursed. Ask for the federal government rate and if the hotel honors it for jurors, the hotel may provide proof, such as your Summons at check-in. For more information, please contact the jury clerks.

  • What Is The Penalty For Not Responding To A Summons?

    Any person who fails to show good cause for noncompliance with a summons may be fined not more than $1,000, imprisoned not more than three days, ordered to perform community service, or any combination thereof.

  • What Kinds Of Cases Are Tried In Federal Court?

    Both civil and criminal cases are tried in Federal Court. Civil cases can include personal injury claims, medical malpractice claims, claims for breach of contracts and claims for violations of civil rights. Criminal cases can include drug charges, and income tax evasion.

  • What Protects My Employment While Serving On Jury Duty?

    Jurors are protected by federal statute, Title 28 U.S.C. 1875, which states "No employer shall discharge, intimidate, or coerce any permanent employee by reason of such employee's jury service or the attendance or scheduled attendance in connection with such service, in any court of the United States."

  • What Should I Bring with me when I report?

    You will need to bring a valid picture ID (such as a driver's license) to go through security at the courthouse. Please be sure to bring your summons for check-in. Cell phones, laptops and pagers are permitted in the building, but they MUST be completely turned off when you are in the courtroom and during juror orientation. Some of the items you are not permitted to bring in the courthouse include knitting needles, sewing needles, scissors and knives of any kind.

  • What should I wear?

    Shorts, tank tops and sweat pants are NOT permitted in the courtroom. You will be sent home without being paid or directed to return home and change at your expense if inappropriate attire is worn.

  • Where Do I Report? / How Do I Get There?

    St. Louis

    The Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse is located at 111 South Tenth Street. The Courthouse is easily accessible from Highways 40, 44, 55 and 70.

    Public transportation is also available: Bi-State buses have stops near the courthouse, and the MetroLink stop at the Busch Stadium station puts you at 8th Street, between Spruce and Clark Streets. For information and schedules, please call Bi-State at (314) 231-2345. The Court reimburses for mileage from your home to the Courthouse by shortest practical route, regardless of your mode of transportation (See the section "Will I Be Paid For Serving?" for reimbursement amounts). Distance from your home to this court is not a valid excuse for not serving as a juror. If you are prevented by a health problem from driving to court, you will need to send a doctor's statement regarding your inability to serve. You will report for jury duty to Jury Assembly Room 1.300 which is located on the first floor, unless otherwise specified.


    The Court is located in the Federal Building (Post Office) at 801 Broadway in Hannibal (8th Street and Broadway). You will report to Room 346, unless otherwise specified.

    Cape Girardeau

    The Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Sr. United States Courthouse is located at 555 Independence Street, at the intersection of Frederick and Independence Streets. The Jury Assembly Room is on the first floor of the Courthouse.

  • Will I Be Paid For Serving?

    A $50.00 attendance fee is paid for each day you are required to and do report for duty, whether or not you are selected to serve. You will be paid 58 cents per mile round trip from your home to the Courthouse as reimbursement for your travel expense. Checks are mailed to jurors twice a month, usually on the 1st and the 15th day of the month. Federal employees receive attendance fees only on their regularly scheduled day or days off.

  • Will I Be Sequestered (Spend The Night Away From Home)?

    It is extremely rare that jurors in this Court are sequestered. If this would occur, your hotel and meals would be provided by the Court.