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Attorney Re-Registration

Pursuant to Local Rule 12.01(E ) The roll of attorneys admitted to practice before this Court will be renewed quadrennially commencing after 1999. A renewal registration must be submitted to the Clerk by every member of the bar on or before the thirty-first day of January of each renewal year. Each renewal registration must be accompanied by a fee in an amount set by order of the Court at least ninety days prior to each registration period. The Clerk will publish notice or otherwise inform the bar of the renewal requirement and the fee at least sixty days before the deadline for submitting such renewal registration.

The Clerk will deposit the renewal registration fees collected pursuant to this rule into the fund created by Local Rule 12.03, to be used for the purposes specified in that rule, and to defray the expenses of maintaining a current register of members of the bar of this Court.

An attorney who fails to submit the required renewal registration and pay the renewal fee will be provisionally removed from the roll of members in good standing, and the attorney’s privilege to file pleadings, appear and practice in any division of the Eastern District of Missouri will be suspended. If no renewal registration is submitted within three (3) months of the delinquency, the name of the attorney will be permanently removed from the roll by order of the Court, without prejudice to a subsequent application for admission.

The next renewal registration period will begin in the Fall of 2026, with a due date of January 31, 2027.