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Attorney Re-Registration

Bar Admission Renewal

The Quadrennial Attorney Bar Admission for January 2023 is now complete.  Local Rule 12.01(E), provides that

An attorney who fails to submit the required renewal registration and pay the renewal fee will be provisionally removed from the roll of members in good standing, and the attorney’s privilege to file pleadings, appear and practice in any division of the Eastern District of Missouri will be suspended. If no renewal registration is submitted within three (3) months of the delinquency, the name of the attorney will be permanently removed from the roll by order of the Court, without prejudice to a subsequent application for admission.

There is still time to complete your re-registration and have your account restored if you have not already done so.  After May 1, 2023, attorneys who have failed to re-register their bar admission will be permanently removed with no ability to reactive their account.  Attorneys who wish to reapply for bar admission will not be penalized for failure to re-register but will need to reapply as a new candidate for bar admission.


To re-register prior to May 1, 2023, please follow these steps:

Log in to CM/ECF using your PACER credentials.

Click on Civil on the menu bar (if you do not see Civil on the menu, your PACER account still needs to be linked to your CM/ECF account).  On the Civil Events page, select Reregistration.

Click on “2 Pay Re-Registration Fee – Late” with your left mouse button so that it populates under “Selected Event”; then click “Next”.  On the following pages, do not click on the case number listed under the heading “Re-Registration”; rather, click the “Next” button until you are on the page that asks you to enter your bar number.  Your bar number consists of your bar number in the state of your primary practice, plus the state abbreviation (i.e., if you work in Missouri and your Missouri state bar number is 12345, your bar number in our Court is 12345MO).  Click “Next” until you come to another PACER login screen where you must re-enter your PACER password and select whether you are going to enter payment information manually or use a payment method currently on file with PACER.  You may pay with a credit card or checking account (you will not be charged a fee to pay with either method).  After acknowledging and submitting payment, you will be re-routed back to CM/ECF to complete the filing.  Simply click on “Next” or “Submit” where available until you reach the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF). You can print or download the NEF as your receipt for your records. The NEF will not be sent to you via email.  However, you will receive an email receipt from

If you have any questions, you can call the Admissions Clerk at 314-244-7914 or email