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Forms Glossary

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Form Namesort descending Number
2241 Habeas Corpus Petition AO-0242
2254 Habeas Corpus Petition AO-0241
2255 Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence AO-0243
Acknowledgment of Gratuitous Services and Waiver - Cooperative Education Program AO-0196B
Affidavit for Ownership of Bond MOED-0012
Application For Judicial Branch Federal Employment AO-0078
Application to Proceed in District Court without Prepaying Fees or Costs MOED-0046
Arrest Warrant AO-0442
Authority to Release Information MOEP-0005
Authorization to Release Confidential Information Mental Health Treatment Programs PROB-0011I
Authorization to Release Government Information PROB-0011H
Authorization to Release Information (Private Person or Organization PROB-0011G
Bill of Costs AO-0133
CD/Tape Order AO-0436
Civil Complaint MOED-0032
Civil Cover Sheet JS-0044
CJA Application (Application period for 2024 is now open). CJA-0052
CJA Renewal Application (Application period for 2024 is now open). CJA-0053
Claim for Damage, Injury or Death SF-0095
Complaint Of Judicial Misconduct Or Disability AO-0310
Compliance Report MOED-0027
Computer Security Policy MOED-0058
Copy Request Form and Credit Card Authorization MOED-0040
Customer Consent for Authorization for Access to Financial Records Presentence PROB-0048E
Customer Consent for Authorization for Access to Financial Records Supervision PROB-0048I
Declaration of Net Worth and Cash Flow Statements PROB-0048D
Deposition Subpoena in a Criminal Case AO-0090
Designation of Neutral MOED-0028
Disclosure Statement MOED-0001
Employment Eligibility Verification USCIS-I-9
Expert Services Authorization MOED-0068
Financial Affidavit CJA-0023
Financial Worksheet Lump Sum Determination PROB-0048G
Fingerprint Information Form MOED-0059
In Court Hourly Worksheet MOED-0023
Instructions for Completing Monthly Cash Flow Statement PROB-0048B
Instructions for Completing Net Worth Short Form PROB-0048EZ
Intern Emergency Notification MOEP-0008
Intern Reference List MOEP-0007
Limited Representation Appearance MOED-0053
Memorandum for Clerk MOED-0002
Monthly Money Management Work Sheet PROB-0048J
Monthly Supervision Report (Cape Girardeau) PROB-0008CAPE
Monthly Supervision Report (St. Louis) PROB-0008STL
Motion for Appointment of ADR Pro Bono Limited Scope Counsel MOED-0055
Motion for Appointment of Counsel and Affidavit in Support MOED-0034
Motion for Appointment of Next Friend MOED-0003
Motion for Compassionate Release (Self-Represented Prisoner) MOEP-0002
Motion for Early Termination of Probation or Supervised Release Term MOEP-0010
Motion to Deposit Funds With the Court and Order to Invest in an Interest Bearing Account MOED-0013
Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and Affidavit in Support - Habeas Cases MOED-0038
Net Worth Statement PROB-0048
Neutral Application MOED-0030
Non-Disclosure Agreement MOEP-0004
Notice of a Lawsuit and Request to Waive Service of a Summons AO-0398
Notice of Appeal - Civil MOED-0043
Notice of Appeal - Criminal MOED-0042
Notice of Compliance with Local Rule 12.07a MOED-0044
Notice of Filing Exhibit MOED-0008
Notice of Intent to Request Redaction MOED-0010
Notice of Intent to use Process Server MOED-0004
Notice of Non-Court Certified Neutral - Request MOED-0065
Notice Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction (For Attorneys Only) MOED-0041
Notice Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction (For Pro Se Party Only) MOED-0063
Notice Requesting Hearing on Motion for Temporary Restraining Order MOED-0062
Notice to Self-Represented Non-Prisoner Parties re: Electronic Noticing MOED-0061
Notice to U.S. Attorney's Office PROB-0048H
Order of Referral MOED-0031
Original Filing Form MOED-0005
Original Filing Form MOED-0033
Out of Court Hourly Worksheet MOED-0022
Post Conviction Orientation Handbook MOEP-0001
Prisoner Civil Rights Complaint MOED-0036
Pro Bono Neutral MOED-0029
Pro Bono Neutrals Request for Reimbursement of Services MOED-0024
Probation Worksheet for Student Intern Background Investigation MOEP-0003
Process Receipt and Return USM-0285
Record Check for Employee MOEP-0009
Recurrent Travel Request MOEP-0012
Request for Compensation for Services and reimbursement of Out-of-pocket Expenses MOED-0021
Request for Monthly Cash Flow Statement PROB-0048C
Request for Self-Employment Records PROB-0048F
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification W-9
Request Permission to Participate in Intern Program MOEP-0006
Rule 13.05 Model Forms MOED-0069
SAIL Referral Form MOEPT-0001
Social Networking Policy MOED-0060
Social Security Complaint MOED-0045
Social Security Identification Form MOED-0067
Subpoena To Appear and Testify At A Hearing Or Trial in A Civil Action AO-0088
Subpoena To Produce Documents, Information, Or Objects In A Criminal Case AO-0089B
Subpoena To Produce Documents, Information, Or Objects Or To Permit Inspection of Premises in A Civil Action AO-0088B
Subpoena To Testify At A Deposition in A Civil Action AO-0088A
Subpoena to Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Criminal Case AO-0089
Summons in a Civil Action AO-0440
Summons on Third-Party Complaint AO-0441
Title VII Employment Discrimination Complaint MOED-0035
Transcript Order AO-0435
Travel Request MOEP-0011
Verification of Signed Original Document MOED-0009
Verified Motion for Admission Pro Hac Vice MOED-0006
Waiver of the Service of Summons AO-0399
Writ of Execution MOED-0014
Writ of Execution - Certificate of Service MOED-0015
Writ of Execution - Interrogatories Directed to Garnishee MOED-0016
Writ of Execution - Notice of Execution MOED-0017
Writ of Execution - Summons of Garnishee MOED-0018