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Pretrial Services FAQ's: Pretrial Supervision Matters

  • What if a defendant lives in another District - how does he/she report?

    If a defendant is charged in the Eastern District of Missouri, but lives in another area, the Pretrial Services Office will make arrangements for the Pretrial Services Office in the District of residence to provide supervision. The Officer will provide specific instructions on how to make contact with the supervising office prior to the defendant leaving the Eastern District of Missouri.

    Each time the defendant travels to the Eastern District of Missouri, he/she should report - in person - to the Pretrial Services Office and meet with the Pretrial Officer monitoring the case.

  • What if the assigned Pretrial Services Officer is not available on call-in day or for office visits?

    If the assigned Officer is not available when a defendant calls in, a voice mail message is accepted. The message should provide a telephone number where the defendant may be contacted and leave a brief message stating there are no problems and no change in residence, job, or employment status.

    If a defendant reports to the office and the assigned Pretrial Services Officer is unavailable, the Officer of the Day will be called. There is no need for a defendant to return to see the assigned Officer, unless directed to do so.

  • What is a home visit?

    Home visits are unannounced visits by the assigned Pretrial Services Officer, with another Officer. The Officer will tour the residence and visit with the defendant and any family members at home during the visit. If a defendant is not home at the time of the visit, the Officer will leave a business card or note. The defendant is to call the office to confirm receipt of the note.

  • What is involved in pretrial supervision?

    Typically, a pretrial services officer will require a defendant to adhere to a specific reporting schedule, which may include telephone and/or personal contact with the assigned pretrial services officer. The officer will monitor the defendant’s compliance with the conditions of release. Home visits will be conducted throughout bond supervision. Additional instructions may be given to a defendant, based on the conditions of release ordered by the U.S. Magistrate Judge.

  • Will being on pretrial supervision jeopardize employment?

    Pretrial supervision will not usually jeopardize employment. However, if a defendant’s employment is related to the alleged instant offense, the pretrial services officer may require a defendant to notify the employer of the arrest and pending charges or seek alternative employment.