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Judge Sippel appointed as Judicial Conference Liaison to the Federal Judges Association

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Please join me in congratulating Judge Sippel for his appointment as the Judicial Conference Liaison to the Federal Judges Association (FJA). The appointment period is for 2023-2025. The FJA “…is a national voluntary organization of federal judges … whose mission is to support and enhance the role of its members within a fair, impartial and independent judiciary; to actively build a community of interest among its members; and to sustain our system of justice through civics education and public outreach.” Examples of civics education and public outreach are materials on the rule of law & separation of powers, landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, jury service, and a wide variety of multi-media and YouTube programming. Judge Sippel has spent his career contributing to individual justice, the administration of the federal judiciary, and civic education of and engagement with the American people.

– Chief Judge Stephen R. Clark

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