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Government Admission to the Eastern District of Missouri Bar

Applicants for Government Admission


The requirements for admission can be found in Rule 12.01 of the Local Rules effective December 1, 2016. In order to avoid delays in the application review process, please refer to the following instructions.

Government attorneys who appear in a case on behalf of a federal, state, or local government agency can apply for limited admission. Although the applicant must be in good standing with the bar, the requirement to submit a Certificate of Good Standing and pay the admission fee are waived. Applicants are required to submit a letter written on the employing government agency’s letterhead containing a statement by the agency executive indicating the applicant’s name, title and current employment status.

The admission process can take up to 10 days but typically is much shorter. Please note that incomplete applications are the primary reason for any delay.

If you have any questions, you can call the Admissions Clerk at 314-244-7914 or email