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Employment: Probation

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Position Summary

The United States Probation Office for the Eastern District of Missouri is accepting applications for the position of Probation Officer Assistant. This position reports to a Supervisory U. S. Probation Officer and serves in a judiciary law enforcement position. The incumbent provides technical and operational support and assistance to probation officers in a variety of areas, including assisting with compiling information for investigations; treatment services, assisting with and monitoring select offenders/defendants; drafting reports and correspondence; and assisting with similar operational duties.

Summary of Representative Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assists officers in performing probation investigations of all types for own office and other districts (i.e., collateral, presentence, etc.). Visits various local law enforcement and regulatory agencies to collect and record information for both presentence investigation reports and collateral investigations.
  • Assists in the supervision of persons on probation, supervised release, parole; and in providing necessary information to the court regarding violations of supervision.
  • Conducts record checks on various automated systems.
  • Collects and conducts urine screens on offenders of the same gender and maintains appropriate related records. Supplies urine specimen kits to field probation services offices within the district as well as to drug contract providers where required. Insures that procedures for contract suppliers are up-to-date in accordance with regulations. Responsible for purchase orders for specimen kits and other materials required for collection, screening, and performance of chemical analysis for detection of controlled substances.
  • Under the guidance and direction an officer, supervises a select caseload of persons on probation, supervised release, or parole.
  • As appropriate, reports all hazardous incidents encountered in the course of duty to his/her supervisor, the Chief Probation Officer, the Court, and the Federal Corrections Division of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.
  • As required, completes investigative reports and other correspondence.
  • Participates in and contributes to ongoing functional training programs.
  • Handles client emergencies in the officer's absence.
  • Where applicable, may serve as an interpreter for officers and for non-English speaking offenders or family members at interviews in the office, the field, and in correctional institutions; translating pertinent documents, as necessary.
  • Review, process, and upload all treatment referral forms, to include organization and maintenance of paperwork for monthly billing auditing.
  • Receive treatment invoices and upload to internal databases.
  • Contact with treatment providers and officers regarding scheduling of urinalysis collection.
  • Assist with procurement solicitation and vendor monitoring.
  • Maintain lists of supplies to be ordered.
  • Assist with scanning/ uploading of treatment services related documentation.
  • Maintain and update electronic files of vendors.
Agency: Probation
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