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United States Pretrial Services Officer Assistant – FT/Permanent (Multiple positions may be available)

Pretrial Services
Job Description: 

Under the guidance of a pretrial officer, supervise a caseload of low-risk defendants/offenders requiring contact by telephone, in the office, and in the field. Investigate employment, sources of income, lifestyle, and associates to assess risk and determine compliance. Maintain case files and records, as well as detailed chronological records of activity.

Assist pretrial officers with less complex bond investigations to include compiling criminal histories, and profiles, running record checks through local and national databases, conducting inquiries with collateral agencies, and performing other similar activities. Provide officers with accurate and factual information to assist in their completion of pretrial reports.

Under guidance from a pretrial officer, draft and submit selected reports. Observe, and apprise the supervisor of the lifestyle, personal problems, and needs of defendants/offenders. Assist in the development of community resources to meet those needs.

Under the guidance of a pretrial officer, respond to judicial officers’ requests for information and occasionally testify in court, accompanied by a pretrial officer, regarding the basis for factual findings.

Conduct collateral investigations and draft and submit collateral reports, which may entail making telephone, office, and/or field contacts. Perform record keeping.

Collect and conduct urine tests on offenders of the same gender, and maintain appropriate records.

If bilingual or multilingual, assist officers and non-English speaking defendants/offenders, family members, and witnesses in translating speech, documents, and correspondence, as required.

Operate various criminal justice, law enforcement, and pretrial automated systems.

Participate in ongoing training and development programs.

Perform other appropriate duties as assigned.

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Monday, August 3, 2020