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Court Reporter

Clerks Office
Job Description: 

The position is a full-time appointment with the Eastern District of Missouri. Official Court Reporters are responsible for the verbatim reporting of both civil and criminal proceedings held before the United States District Judges, and as directed for proceedings before Magistrate Judges, and for the transcription of those proceedings upon request. All proceedings shall be reported using electronic machine shorthand equipment that produces an electronic storage media capable of translation and printing by computer-assisted transcription equipment. All court reporters shall be required to record via electronic sound recording equipment (magnetic/digital) all proceedings in this District and shall maintain the electronic media in their custody until separation from duty.

Official Court Reporters provide transcripts within the time and cost limitations set by the Judicial Conference; electronically file with the Clerk of Court a copy of all prepared transcripts concurrently with delivery to the requesting parties. Fees for transcripts sold to private parties are established by the Judicial Conference and are retained by the Official Court Reporter.

Official Court Reporters report to the Clerk of Court and are supervised by the Clerk of Court. Although this position is based in St. Louis, all Court Reporters are expected to serve all judges of the court, and travel to Cape Girardeau, along with occasional travel to Hannibal, will be required. Court reporters are guided by and responsible for following policies and administrative procedures contained in the Court Reporter Management Plan for the Eastern District of Missouri, and the personnel policies applicable to the employees of the Clerk of Court.

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Friday, January 14, 2022