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Use of Electronic Devices in the Courthouse

By direction of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the following Electronic Device Policy has been adopted by the Court Security Committee:


(1) All persons granted entrance into the Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse are now permitted to possess and use pagers, laptop computers, handheld PCs (Personal Digital Assistants such as Palm, Pocket PC), and cellular phones while inside the Courthouse; and
(2) Before persons with electronic devices are granted entry into the Courthouse, all devices must be examined by Court Security Personnel. This examination includes, but is not limited to placing the device through an X-Ray machine and requiring the person possessing the device to turn the power to the device off and then on; and 
(3) Persons possessing an electronic device may use their device while in common areas of the courthouse, such as lobbies, but the power to all electronic devices shall be turned off upon entry to a courtroom. Nor shall persons be permitted to leave electronic devices on when entering a courtroom by placing the ringer of the device to vibrate instead of making an audible ring; and  
(4) The United States Marshal Service is hereby directed to enforce this Order and, in doing so, may confiscate the electronic device from any person violating this Order: 
(5) If the United States Marshal Service determines that a heightened security threat exists, the United States Marshal Service may restrict electronic devices from entering the building until the United States Marshal Service determines that the heightened security threat is over.
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