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Admission to the Eastern District of Missouri Bar



Complete the Application for Admission to Practice Law in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. The requirements for admission can be found in Rule 12.01 of the Local Rules effective August, 1, 2012. In order to avoid delays in the application review process, please refer to the following instructions.


  • Applicants are required to provide the Court with a Certificate of Good Standing from each state and federal jurisdiction to which you are admitted to practice law. Only certificates issued not more than 60 days prior to filing your applications are acceptable. 
  • Complete the online registration at https://ecf.moed.uscourts.gov/AttorneyReg/ Instructions can be found here.
  • Complete the Application for Admission. Applications must be fully completed. 
  • The completed, signed and affirmed application and the certificate(s) of good standing must be e-filed together as a packet. All originals must be maintained in the attorneys office for a period of 90 days. 
  • The completed packet must be scanned to PDF and submitted through CM/ECF using the attached instructions
  • Payment must be made at the time of application. (fees page)


Once the application has been reviewed, a determination letter will be e-mailed. This review process usually takes 10 days. Upon approval, the attorney must contact the Clerk's office in advance to schedule time to take an oath or affirmation administered by a district, magistrate or bankruptcy judge of this Court. The oath is administered in person unless the attorney has good cause for the oath to be administered via telephone, videoconference or other electronic means. Please email your request to Attorney_Admissions@moed.uscourts.gov to schedule a date and time to have the oath administered. In the subject of your e-mail please type "Request for Administration of Oath." If your circumstances do not allow for an in-person oath, please indicate same in your email including the reason you are requesting the oath be administered remotely. For your own convenience, please do not report to the clerk's office for administration of the oath without contacting the office first via email or phone, so that we can be sure that a judge is available to administer the oath to you. Please bring the form and this letter with you when you come in to have the oath administered.


If you have questions, please contact the clerk’s office at (314-244-7900)..



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