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Clerks Office: Administrative Orders



Administrative Orders
Number Date Title Format
AORD-0001 07/13/2017 Attorney Admission Fee Non-Appropriated Fund PDF
AORD-0002 06/02/2016 Neutral Removal PDF
AORD-0003 01/20/2017 Sentencing Procedures - Revised PDF
AORD-0005 04/08/2003 Redaction of Civil Personal Data Identifier  PDF
AORD-0006 03/31/2003 Transcript Fee Rates PDF
AORD-0007 10/10/2003 Electronic Device Policy  PDF
AORD-0008 07/20/2011 Removal of Attorneys PDF
AORD-0009 07/28/2011 Special Access to Sealed Documents by Federal Public Defenders PDF
AORD-0010 07/29/2011 Petitions for Retroactive Application of November 1, 2011 Amendment to Crack Cocaine Offense Level Guidelines PDF
AORD-0011 08/11/2011 Amendments to Local Rules 6.01 and 6.02 PDF
AORD-0011 09/07/2011 Amended Local Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court PDF

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